Hey, Brian Swan here, since meeting Michele and Heather in Bali at the Digital Lifestyle workshop, I have seen how keen and willing they are to assist others to succeed online. I have no problem in recommending them to you so they can help you to further your online business goals.

Brian Swan
Unstoppable Surfer

Hi, this is Rhonda Swan from Unstoppable Family. I met Michele and Heather whilst attending a Digital Lifestyle workshop in Bali. Since meeting them I have found they are sincere with large hearts open to helping people to live the freedom-preneur lifestyle. Coming from 2 completely different backgrounds their worlds have collided producing a united passion and willingness to live their lives with purpose. You can reach out to them with confidence knowing they are there to guide you on your journey to the life you desire and deserve.​

Rhonda Swan
Unstoppable Momma

Hello, I would just like to say I have known Heather Wilson for around 2 years. During the time I have known her I have watched her grow into a coach and mentor. If anyone is looking for business advise I would recommend you speak to Heather.

Jason Marriner
JRC Marketing Traffic Generator