Starting Up my Own Affiliate Marketing Business

When it comes to earning money on the Internet, online affiliate marketing is becoming very popular for many, especially for people who want to earn money online with zero to small start­up costs. One of the great advantages of being an online affiliate marketer is that you don’t need to have advanced technical knowledge and skills.


Here are several suggestions you can consider on how to begin your career as an online affiliate marketer:

Identify the Right Products to Promote

The right products are those that are in high demand, usually ones that are trending or those that hold high value too many customers in the niche. Ideally, these are products that have low competition at the moment, meaning they’re fresh enough that sales are on the way up. If they have low competition and they’ve been around for a while, it might be a sign that the products won’t be good sellers.

Avoid products that are hard to sell or products that are in such high demand that the competition is fierce.

Find Affiliate Programs and Tools

Don’t just simply pick any old affiliate programs. Promote those vendors who have income generating affiliate marketing tools. For example: Do they have plenty of banner ads you can use? Do they supply you with an affiliate code/link so all sales you generate will be credited to you? Do they provide training and swipe copy that you can use when marketing to people on your list? A great affiliate vendor offers incentives and contests so that you can earn bonuses for doing the work and achieving results.

As you can see on our website Michele and I only promote what we ourselves use and are obtaining results with. We are here to help you grow your business. Just check out the banners on our site and see for yourself what programs you would like to promote. All of these are tried and tested with great results.

Look at Affiliate Resources on Your Vendor’s Websites

Affiliate resources must be available on the vendor’s affiliate website. These resources assist you promote and sell their products. Several examples of these are:

Keyword listings for the vendor’s specific niche

● Quality Images

● Pre­written emails

● Quality content articles targeting the particular niche

● Banners

● Free files

Track Your Website Visitors

If you’re marketing these products on your website, you must know where your visitors came from – how do they know about you? If you have a web presence already, you shouldn’t be promoting anything that doesn’t fit with your niche. For example, if you give pet care tips on your website, don’t advertise weight loss products as your visitors will not find this of interest or value to them.

You must also be aware of what your visitors do when browsing your site. This is an important point and is often ignored by affiliate marketers. This can affect your online business negatively. You should regularly check your stats and find out which articles or pages get the most attention, ratings, and comments. Being aware of these points may help you attract more potential customers and increase your search engine rating. Google Analytics is a great tool to use to monitor this, and it’s free.

Michele and I use a fantastic tracking tool called Click Magick. Click on the banner to the right of the screen to see it for yourself. Why not sign up and do a 14 day FREE trial. If you love the product then sign up for a monthly plan or sign up for 12 months which will save you money. If you are serious about online marketing you must have a tracking system in place so you can see your click through rate, conversions and your ROI. See the banner on the right of your screen and click there now to find out more. Our business would not survive without knowing the numbers.

Go for Recurring Commissions

Promoting products such as monthly or yearly memberships are income generating alternatives to one­time fixed commissions. You may not realize the earning potential of this strategy. Instead of paying once for a product, your customers make payments every month or year, depending on how it’s set up, for ongoing services of value. If you’re promoting affiliate products that are of high value and fill a need a large percentage of customers will renew, providing you a passive income each month or year.


Keep in mind that establishing an affiliate marketing business is similar to starting an offline business, however there are some differences. Make sure to create a plan before trying to make sales. Add in the needed elements as you go. Get as clear a picture as you can of all the things you’ll have to do, so you can check them off your list. Don’t be confused by artificial promises. Some “experts” are not interested in assisting you to become successful – they’re only interested in making a profit for themselves even if you buy their educational programs. (That’s true of online and offline businesses)

There are some very great resources out there, many of them are free that and will assist you to put your plan together and get started quickly. Put in the time and effort; learn from other successful affiliate marketers and you too can create a successful affiliate marketing business.

Remember, Michele and I are here to help you succeed in your online business, you can contact us any time and we will answer you within 24 hours. Live Your Life with Purpose!

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