Hi there,

Firstly, a little bit about me. I am happily married to Richard (nearly 20years) and have 2 teenage daughters, Ashlee and Krysten. We live on the Gold Coast in Queensland, Australia. A short time after Ashlee was born I resigned from the long, stressful hours of the corporate world to be home with my family. I really enjoyed the next three years at home with my little girls. This was very quickly brought to end and I had to return to the workforce as Richard’s work in the freight industry had been through many ups and downs over the years with the changing economy and we could no longer survive on one income. Initially I worked part-time in a scrapbook shop and at the local bowling alley. Both these jobs were great except that I found I was spending more time with other people’s children than my own.

Michele Gray

I was very motivated to find something more flexible so could I spend more time with my children. I gave these jobs away and became self-employed as a bookkeeper. Initially this was fantastic – a lot of my work I could do from home and around the girls. As time went on I found juggling book work, which was getting more demanding and requiring more of my time, around busy children and running a household extremely tiring and stressful. Along with this I was a volunteer at every sporting activity the girls were involved in. Often this would take up to 15 hours per week of my time, which I don’t regret but it was exhausting. I was back to square one – I needed to find a business that I could do from home, without the stress and around our lifestyle.

Along the way we tried various other business opportunities including mobile car wash, pest control and various MLMs but none of these generated the income or provided the lifestyle we desired. Nor did the MLMs provide the support for newbies starting a non-traditional business.

Whilst attending a personal development/wealth creation seminar in 2010 I met Heather, now my business partner. We hit it off straight away. We had very different backgrounds but similar goals and aspirations. Heather, particularly, surfed the net looking for different online opportunities that may work for both of us.

In 2013, Richard suffered a major heart attack. This put him out of work for over 6months placing a lot of financial strain on us. The urgency for me to find other income streams increased. There was no way Richard would be able to continue his job in freight and the manual labour involved. I wanted us to enjoy a healthy life together so things had to change.

Heather called me at the end of 2014; she wanted me to look at something with her. We met two amazing guys who had been involved in the online business industry with a number of years’ experience between them. Well the rest is history. Our digital online business allows us to work from anywhere, with whom we want and when we want. We are now working less, assisting others to do what we are doing and enjoying life more. We are “Living Our Lives With Purpose.”

Why not contact us and “Live Your Life With Purpose”.

Michele Gray